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The Boys
We have a large selection of male Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.


Noah ~ DOB 2006 is a very sweet and cute boy. He is a small cocker. He does not act or look his age. He is a quiet boy. Loves to be around people and is very gentle. He gets along great with other dogs and cats too. He was matted and had ear infections when he came in. He has been shaved and ear meds are working. To see more pictures of Noah, copy and paste the following link:


Buddy, male Cocker Spaniel approx 1 1/2 neutered, has had all vaccines, rabies and has been dewormed. (Owner passed away) and we need to find a new lovely home. He loves kids, dogs, people, cats and a lot of kisses!!!. For more inf. Please call/text Danielle Guerra 786.477.2107. To see more pictures of Buddy, copy and paste the following link:


Harry ~ DOB 2005 cocker spaniel boy. He is a loving boy with a lot of energy. He loves to play outside and loves his other foster siblings after just a day. He is housetrained and loves going for walks and car rides. He is a talker and loves to be around people. He has been completely vetted and is ready for adoption. To see more pictures of Harry, copy and paste the following link:

Checkers Parti

Checkers Parti DOB Sept 2014 old black and white boy with brown eyebrows and a full tail. He is all puppy. Loves other dogs and gets along with cats too. In this picture he got a bath, but was still in need of a haircut and cherry eye tuck. His eye has been repaired and he is now ready for adoption.


Cuba ~ DOB 2012 buff cocker boy. He's about 27 lbs. He is really a fun loving dog, house broken, very social, and will follow you everywhere. He has a bite history with young kids, so must go to a no kid family. He is good with other dogs, but prefers small ones. He healthy but needs high quality food and shampoo to keep his skin healthy. He is a very cute boy.

B Roark Bear

This dog has been adopted! B. Roark Bear (aka Roark) DOB 2010 chocolate and tan cocker boy. He is a sweet boy, but can be alittle protective of his food. He is good with other dogs. He likes car rides and going for walks. He is house trained.

Zack Parti

Zack Parti ~ DOB 2009 sable Parti cocker boy. Zack's family turned him in to the humane society. He is a good boy. He gets along with everyone and loves other dogs. He has gorgeous markings and very different coloring. To see more pictures of Zack Parti, copy and paste the following link:

Charlie Baby

Charlie Baby ~ DOB 2006 buff cocker boy with a white spot on his chest. Charlie's owner moved and could not take him along, so he came to FCSR. He is a sweet boy who gets along with everyone. He is well behaved and likes other dogs. Walks good on a leash. He is house trained. He is just a great boy and cute too. He loves to be outside and he will also listen to you when you tell him to sit, give you five, or lay down. To see more pictures of Charlie Baby, copy and paste the following link:


This dog has been adopted! Tucker DOB 2011 buff cocker boy. Tucker is an active boy who loves to explore outside, but also likes a comfortable couch. He is extremely friendly with everyone and loves to play with other dogs. He is completely house trained and walks well on a leash. Loves attention and will sleep next to you or sit up against you while watching TV. He sits quietly while riding in a car, but does not love car rides.


Hershey ~ DOB 2006 chocolate cocker boy. Hershey is a sweet boy with a good disposition. He gets along great with other dogs and is just happy to be around people. This picture was taken prior to his arrival at FCSR. A summer haircut was needed ASAP.


Waffles DOB 2007 dark buff and white cocker boy. A very sweet boy. He likes car rides, hates to swim, loves to chew on bones and lay on pillows. He originally came for an Arizona Humane Society, so he has bounced around some. He is house trained. He has thunderstorm and fireworks anxiety. He is good with other dogs and cats.

Midnight Star

Midnight Star ~ DOB 2006 black cocker boy with a white spot on his chest. Midnight Star is a handsome boy who is very well behaved. He is blind and had to have one eye removed due to glaucoma. He is very sweet and loves everyone that he meets. He is a smaller cocker. His owner could no longer take care of him.


Frankie DOB 2013 beautiful buff boy with a full tail. Frankie loves to play. He loves toys and runs forever. He acts like a puppy and pulls when on a leash. He was not great with other dogs when he first came to FCRS, but is now running with the pack and loving it. Still needs some work around other dogs when he is on a leash, but is doing well. He is not good with cats. He is crate aggressive (considers it a barrier) and does not like to be in one at all. This may have come from his time in the pound. He is looking for a owner that will throw a ball for him and give him all of the attention he deserves. He loves to sit on your lap and will give kisses. To see more pictures of Frankie, copy and paste the following link:


Crosby ~ DOB 2005 white and buff cocker boy. A nice boy who gets along great with other dogs and people. Looking for a home with no young kids. He loves carrots and green beans. He loves to chase lizards and watch birds. He is snuggly and affectionate. He likes sleeping at the foot of the bed, but when he gets hot he likes his doggie bed on the floor. He walks well on a leash and is house trained.


Milo ~ DOB 2010 Springer Cocker mix boy. Milo is a beautiful black and white boy. He is looking for a patient owner. He is fearful at first but warms up quickly and is then a love. He is good with other dogs, but not young children. He is a scared boy who needs socialization and someone to trust. He is approximately 40 lbs. His owners dumped him at a kill shelter.


Romeo DOB May 2007 buff cocker boy. Romeo's parents had to move and their new place did not allow dogs. He is good with people and other animals. He LOVES being around people. He is alittle over weight, but his foster mom is working on that. He is a sweet boy and is complete house trained. He loves rolling around carpets and itching his back. He likes to plays with bones and will eat about anything (except pickles)! He does not like to swim, but will tolerate a bath.

Riley Parti

Riley Parti DOB 2009 black and white parti cocker boy. Riley is good with everyone. He is a loveable pup and so sweet. His owner was unable to keep him. He is alittle over weight but FCSR is working on that.


Snoop DOB 2011 tri color cocker boy. Snoop's family moved and he was unable to go with them. He is good with other dogs, but can be nervous around them at first. He is house broken and very sweet. He is a handsome boy who has been around young kids, but is really not good with them. He prefers females, but does warm up to males after a short time.


Daniel ~ DOB 4/22/2009 chocolate cocker boy with silver tips. His family lost their home and he went to live with a really nice man, but then the man got sick and couldn't take care of him anymore, so he ended up in the shelter. He is very mellow and easy going. He has wonderfully soft silver tipped brown fur that you just want to snuggle into! He is a joyful little man, sweet as can be, very loving, and likes to be near you. He seems to be just happy that someone is calling him and comes at the sound of your voice. He is great in the car and is very happy to be in the midst of other wiggle buts! He is like "cool, they're just like me!!!" I'm not sure he even noticed the cat, but I would say he is good with everyone.


This dog has been adopted! Calypso DOB 2008 black cocker boy. Calypso is very mild tempered and loves attention from everyone. He is a quiet boy. He loves to go for walks in the park, car rides and even attention at bath time. He loves to play outside and run and would like to have a nice back yard. He gets along well with other dogs & is house broken. He is currently being treated by FCSR for chronic ear infections and will hopefully be ready for adoption after that.

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