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The Boys
We have a large selection of male Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.

Bailey Chocolate

Bailey Chocolate DOB 9/13/06 chocolate and white cocker boy. His parents are having their 3rd baby and Bailey needs to find a quieter home. He is very friendly & loving. He loves going for walk and just being outside. He loves to chew on bones. His only issue is that he does not like his back end touched. He originally came from an owner that was not nice to him, so that may be why. He loves attention & he is truly a loving boy.


Prince ~ DOB 2005 chocolate cocker boy. Prince is a senior who is in excellent health. He could use a diet though! He is friendly with all and gets along with other dogs. He has a thick soft hair coat especially when it is long.


This dog has been adopted! Sammy 2013 buff cocker/King Charles cavalier spaniel mix boy. He loves people and other dogs. He is very cute. He knows sit, stay, shake, roll over, go to bed and fetches toys.


Bosley ~ DOB 2008 red cocker boy with a full tail. Bosley is non-stop! He is blind, but that does not stop him. He is constantly in motion and loves to follow other dogs around. He is a cry baby though if you step on his toe. He is a friendly boy who loves everyone. He has a permanent head tilt from years of neglect and ear infections.


Murdock ~ DOB 2007 multi color chocolate and white cocker boy. He is a cute boy who gets along great with other dogs. He has glaucoma in one eye and is blind in that eye, but see fine out of the other eye. He walks well on a leash and like going for car rides.


Herman ~ DOB 2006 buff cocker boy. Herman is a very sweet boy. FCSR will be getting his cherry eye tucked and then he will be ready for adoption. He gets along with everyone and with other dogs. He walks well on a leash and loves to go for car rides


Dougie ~ DOB 2012 Sable and white parti colored cocker boy. Dougie is very sweet and loving. He is easy going and just wants to be with people. He is good with other dogs. Very pretty boy!


Bruno DOB July 2014 black and white parti color boy. Bruno is all puppy. He loves everyone and is learning to play with other dogs. He has 1 blue eye and one brown. His previous owner did not have enough time for him


Steven ~ DOB 2007 buff cocker boy. Steven was found abandoned and tied to a stop sign. He is very sweet and just wants attention and to be petted. He is very easy going and will let you do anything to him. You can not sit down without him sitting or laying next to you to be petted. He loves everyone and other dogs too. He loves to go on walks and has a lot of energy. He does have some skin issues from lack of care, but FCSR is working on that. He has dry eyes which requires drops daily and has slight cataracts, but sees just fine. He just wants to be loved!


Dewey ~ DOB 2009 tri color cocker mix boy. He gets along with other dogs, is house trained, loves to go for walks and loves attention. He is a young and playful boy.


Winston ~ DOB 2012 buff and white senior cocker boy. Winston was treated for heart worms when he first arrived at FCSR. He has been with us for awhile now. He has had chronic skin issues too which are treatable as long as you stay on them. His favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping! He gets along well with other dogs and everyone that he meets, unless you are a vet with a needle! Just looking for a furever home to rest his head for alittle while longer.

Tom Tom and Saxy

Tom Tom DOB 3/22/06 & Saxy DOB 8/7/08 chocolate and white cocker boys. They are a father and son pair. They were living in a hotel room for 3 months until their dad got really sick and could no longer take care of them. The hotel manager took care of them for awhile before they came to FCSR. Both are housebroken and love to sleep in bed. They walk well on a leash and get along great with other dogs. They are best buddies and are looking for a furever home together.


Baxter ~ DOB 2001 buff cocker boy. Mr. Baxter came from a FL shelter. He was is in really rough shape and was going to be euthanized. After surgery to remove several growths and a dental and lots of medication here he is now. He still has a long way to go to recover from the years of neglect he suffered, but he is one happy boy. Baxter is around 30lbs and is deaf from chronic ears infections. He has lots of old man lumps and bumps. He does have some vision impairment, but still gets around fine. He is a sweet boy who just wants a soft bed and love for however long he has left. He will follow you around all day just to be near you. Gives kisses too! If you love old dogs then he is the one for you. He is such a good boy.

Black Bear

Black Bear ~ DOB 2001 black cocker mix boy. He is a very sweet big boy and a very quiet slow moving senior. He sleeps almost always. He likes to sleep on "his" chair, but does go out the doggy door to potty. He eats well and is alittle on the fat side. He does have dry eyes and requires eye drops daily. Can anyone provide him a place to be safe (foster or furever home) and cared for with an occasional petting for what time he has left?


Skittles ~ DOB 2012 buff and white parti colored cocker boy. He is currently very scared, but wants to be sweet. He is looking for a quiet adult home with someone who is patient and is willing to work with him and bring him out of his shell. He needs an owner willing to love on him and teach him how to trust. He is good with other dogs and cats, but sadly afraid of people. He needs an owner who is willing to teach him that people are kind and that he is safe.

Babie Stewie

Baby Stewie is a senior. He has always been very active. He originally came from a kill shelter. He had tested positive for crystal meth after having some convulsions and rushed to ER. He was believed to have been poisoned by a neighbor.

Willie (Wally)

Willie (aka Wally) ~ DOB 2002 buff cocker boy. He is almost blind and is completely deaf. He is a quiet boy who sleeps most of the day. He gets along with everyone and other dogs too. He is a bigger cocker with a full tail. He is looking for a foster or forever home.


This dog has been adopted! Charles ~ DOB 2010 buff cocker boys. He's a friendly and passive male. He enjoys company and does not like to be alone for long hours. He's potty trained. He loves vegetables. He has sensitive paws but he's getting better as far as his sensitivity. He very playful and likes to bite on toys. He needs a loving, caring and patient family.


Henessee ~ DOB 2003 buff cocker boy. He as been with FCSR since he was 1 yr old and has been adopted out 4 times. Every time has been returned for unpredictable aggression. Last time he came back was 6 yrs ago. He is in search of a patient and experience foster or furever home. He had a cataract in 1 eye and got secondary glaucoma, so we had to have it removed. He is healthy and mostly good, but he does have that unpredictable factor.


Sammy DOB 2004 buff and white cocker boy. He is a very sweet and easy going boy. He is very loving and just wants to snuggle. He is house trained and likes to go for walks on a leash. His parents were a military family and had to turn him in before going on leave overseas.

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