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The Boys
We have a large selection of male Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.


Hersey ~ DOB 2009 chocolate cocker boy. Sweet cocker boy who is house trained, walks well on a leash and gets along great with everyone. His foster mom is currently working on his dry skin and weight, but other than that he is great condition. He does have alittle dry eye, but a few drops helps that.


KJ ~ DOB 2012 chocolate cocker boy. He is a small cocker. Very cute. Playful and loves everyone. Gets along well with other dogs too.


This dog has been adopted! Scout DOB 2011 black and white cocker boy. He is in excellent health, good with people, but fearful at first of strangers. House broken most of the time, but does occasionally have an accident. Would prefer to be the only dog in the house.


Catty ~ DOB 2008 Buff cocker/lab? boy. Catty originally came from the pound and was called a cocker and lab mix. He is 28 lbs and has a full tail. His owner is moving and can not take him along. He is in good health, but has had a couple of seizures in the past. He is not on any seizure medication since he has had very few. He is house broken, loves to go on walks, loves to run and play, and is very active. Catty is looking for a foster or furever home.

Kings Bandit

King's Bandit King's Bandit DOB July 6, 2010 sable and white cocker boy. He is a very pretty boy. He is in excellent health. Loves all people and dogs, but not cats! Loves toys and playing. His owner died and his mom is very sick too and could no longer keep him.

Sam King

Sam King ~ DOB 2003 black and tan cocker boy. He is a very nice and calm boy. He likes to be petted and hugged. He enjoys chasing birds and thinks that they may make a good snack. He is house broken, vetted, and had his teeth cleaned. He has been recently shaved for Summer, but will look better once he gets alittle hair. He is alittle on the slim side and has dry eye, but his foster mom is working on that. Looking for a furever home for his senior years.


Hemi ~DOB 2012/2013 tri color cocker boy. I do not know my real birthday because I was a shelter dog and it seems my previous owners abused me. I have lived with my current family since March 1st 2013. I have been a loving, valued member of my family. My only quirk is that I pee on the floor when I am excited (like a lot of cockers); otherwise, I am fully house trained and I like my crate. I am not so good at sitting or doing tricks, but I do listen when it matters. I have a fenced back yard where I can play, but I also love to take walks. I do not get car sick and I love car rides. My favorite thing is to sit on my mommy's lap and be petted. I LOVE and need lots of affection. I can be nippy, so I am not good with young kids and would prefer an experienced cocker owner. I really enjoy playing with other dogs (I get along with all breeds of dogs). I am neutered, micro chipped and I take flea and heartworm medicine every month. I just visited the doctor a few weeks ago. He said I am healthy and have all of my shots. Please help me find a home without kids.

Milo and Ottis

Milo & Ottis DOB ~ 2008 black and white cocker boys. The were found tied to a pole and badly matted. The person who found them, took them home and groomed them. They are very bonded and are looking for a home together. They are house trained and are really big sweethearts. They are great with other dogs and cats.


MacGyver DOB ~ 2008 clack cocker boy. He is a smaller boy at about 25 lbs. He is just a dream dog. He is good on a leash, calm, easy going, and very loving. He is very handsome too. He gets along with everyone and other dogs.


anley ~ DOB 2008 chocolate and white cocker boy. He was original adopted from a shelter. His current owner is currently going to school and no longer has time for him. She was leaving him crated all day and did not feel it was fair to him. He is a sweet boy who is good with other dogs. He barks when someone comes into the yard or house, but not excessively. He would love to have someone to follow around all day. He has the typical cocker stubbornness, but has no temperament issues. He is house broken and will sit, stay, and down for food. He is looking for a foster home or a furever home.


Gabriel ~ DOB 2004 black and tan cocker boy. This boy is very friendly, outgoing and sweet. He is cute and is like a cuddly little bear. He came to FCSR with Glaucoma in both eyes and had to have both removed immediately. He is healthy other than he can't see, but that does not seem to both him. He loves the world and would love to have his own furever home.


Tannerner ~ DOB May 2013 buff cocker boy. He is all puppy. He is very sweet, loving, and playful. His eyes are red in the picture because he just had 2 cherry eyes tucked. He is now all ready for a new furever home.


Monte DOB 2003 buff cocker boy. He is extremely friendly. The vet, boarding, & grooming say he is a sweet boy. He loves taking naps, eating snacks, & being rubbed. He has no health problems. His only issue is managing his weight. He barks when he wants your attention. He is a lover not a fighter, so don't allow aggressive dogs near him. His owner developed allergies and can no longer keep him. FCSR is looking for a foster home or a furever home for this sweet boy.


Nicolas ~ DOB 2006 black cocker boy with a full tail. I am currently alittle heavy and I know I need to loose a few pounds, but we are working on it. I have hypothyrodism which makes it a little harder to loose weight. I am taking medicine for that so it should be a little easier now. I love to go for walks with my foster mom and dad also which will help me shed those few pounds. I have dry eyes and need to have drops in them everyday. I can see pretty good, but do have some limitations at times. I need a family where I will not be left alone for long periods of time because I get really lonely. I like to sit on the couch and will sit in your lap if you let me. I really love sleeping on the bed at night too. I have some skin problems, but we are working on getting that all straightened out. Soon I will be super handsome to go along with my wonderful personality. I get along really well with the little dogs at my foster home though I do get annoyed when Spike tries to steal my chew bone from me. I love people and visiting with them. I am pretty good with getting outside to go potty but my foster mom thinks I could still improve a little in this area. My foster mom thinks I am pretty special and will make my forever family very happy when they find me.


Remi ~ DOB 2009 tri color cocker boy. He is good with both dogs and cats. When his current families' cats get into a fight he is the first one there to break it up. He sniffs both of them to see if they are ok, then walks away. He has cataracts in both eyes and is blind in one eye, but can still see out if the other. He is a loving, kind and gentle boy. He has a lot of character and is very smart. He likes to swim and chase his ball.


Rufus DOB 2004 chocolate cocker boy with a tan spot on his tail. Rufus (AKA Harvey's Chocolate Truffles) loves to play catch with his favorite ball. When you give him a cardboard box he loves to tear it into pieces. He likes to wear his hair short but when it does grow out it is very soft and silky. He likes to sleep at your feet and always touches you. He came to FCSR when his owner got sick and could no longer take care of him.


Lucas ~ DOB 2012 buff and white cocker boy. He is a small boy with lots of energy. He is friendly and gets along well with other dogs. He is very sweet and cute!


Apollo ~ DOB 2010 tri colored cocker boy. He is a fun and energetic boy. He loves to go on walks or jogs. He loves to run and fetch a ball. He is good with other dogs. He is a very loving dog who likes to be near you and rub up against you.

Rusty and Hunter

Rusty ~ DOB 2004 and Hunter ~ DOB 2011 dark buff/red cocker boys. They are father/son and have been together their entire life. They are really sweet boys and are looking for a new furever home together. Their owners could no longer keep them because they live in a small apartment and have a baby on the way.

Parti Beaux

Parti Beaux ~ DOB 2004 white with red spots parti color cocker boy. Beaux's family abandoned him at a vet office. He is a sweet boy who is good with both people and other dogs. He is very friendly and loves everyone

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