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The Boys
We have a large selection of male Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.

Bailey Buff

Bailey Buff ~ DOB 2007 light blond/white cocker boy. He is super playful and friendly. He is house trained and knows how to ring bells that are tied on the door knob when he has to go out. His owner is relocating and had to give him and his brother up.


Brownie ~ DOB 2004 dark buff cocker boy with white spots on his nose. He is super calm, unless you are playing ball with him. He is house trained and knows how to ring bells that are tied on the door knob when he has to go out. His owner is relocating and had to give him and his brother up.

Coco Puff

Coco Puff DOB 7/26/2010 chocolate cocker boy. Coco came to FCSR needing ear surgery on both ears. FCSR completed the ear ablation surgery, but Coco is now deaf in both ears. He is a very sweet and loving boy. He is easy going and gets along with everyone and other dogs. He has no other health issues, other than being deaf. Because of the surgery, he will never have ear issues again


Spud ~ DOB 2010 buff and white cocker boy. His parents turned him over to their vet because he was not good with the neighbors kids. He does great with adults and loves everyone. He is good with other dogs and is really a sweet pup. He is house trained and walks well on a leash.


Andy DOB 2013 buff and white cocker spaniel mix boy. Andy was found as a stray in Georgia. He is heartworm positive, but is currently being treated. He is house trained. He is a very friendly dog, but does not like his feet played with. He gets along great with other dogs & has no behavioral issues. He has a full tail and weighs about 39 lbs (he is not fat, but tall). He is a very nice looking boy

Beau Tri

Beau Tri ~ DOB 2008 tri color cocker boy. He is a very sweet boy and really cute too. He gets along with other dogs and loves people! He is house broken and walks well on a leash.


Kipper ~ DOB 2003 black cock boy. His mom was unable to take care of him any longer so he came to FCSR. You don't get any cuter than this. He is alittle skinny, but his foster mom is working on that. He loves to follow you around, is great with other dogs and is house trained. One sweet little boy!


Rocco ~ DOB 2011 chocolate and white boy. His owner had to give him up because her son was allergic to him. He's a very sweet dog, with a good temperament. He was always good with his owner's son and loved to play with him. Like alot of cockers he is prone to recurrent ear infections and a cataract in his right eye. He can see fine and has no issue with his left eye. He's about 25lbs and is chocolate in color with some white on his chest

Baxter and Hershey

Baxer DOB 2009 buff cocker boy. He is full of fun and loves his belly rubbed. He is
great with other dogs and cats. He is not good with young children. Loves going to
dog parks and beaches.
Hershey DOB 2007 chocolate girl. She is a LOVE BUG!!! She wants nothing more than
to lay in your warm lap and be petted all day. She is wonderful with any and all
kids, dogs, and cats. They have been together their whole life and would love for
them to go together to a new home. They really are 2 WONDERFUL pups.


This dog has been adopted! Mickey DOB 2004 black cocker boy. He came from an owner that was bi-polar and was getting increasingly hostile toward him. He was being left alone 10+ hours per day and family no longer trusted him to be left alone with his owner. He loves belly rubs, walks, the dog park, cats & small dogs. He is afraid of small children & big dogs. He is very loving & smart. He is active & playful for his age.


This dog has been adopted! Cody Bee DOB Nov. 27, 2012 chocolate cocker boy. Cody Bee is one happy cocker puppy. He loves the world and everyone he meets. He loves to run and play with other dogs. He is well behaved and very sweet.

Chewie & Max

Chewy (buff) ~ DOB 2003 & Maxie (tri-color) ~ DOB 2006 are a very sweet cocker
couple. They love everyone and are great with other dogs. Chewy likes to swim, but
Maxie is afraid of going in the water. They both like the dog park. Maxie loves
running and chasing birds. Chewy loves playing with his toys. Both dogs just love
being with each other & enjoying each others company


This dog has been adopted! Tucker DOB March 2008 cocker boy. Tucker is an athletic, fun loving dog in need of a new home. He has lived with a female beagle part of his life. He has enjoyed doggie daycare, boarding and dog park membership. Tucker is fully housebroken. He obeys a number of basic commands including sit, stay, come, shake, high-5 and rollover. He is incredibly smart and extremely food driven-we believe he could learn to do almost anything if his trainer has a kibble in hand. After he has mastered a trick, a treat is optional and no longer required. Tucker loves the outdoors, especially long walks and playing in the yard. He is great on a leash, but also loves the freedom to play fetch or tug of war indoors and out. He is content to take long naps and chew his Nyla bones while his owner is away. His favorite toys are tennis balls and Kong toys. Quirks: Barks at passersby when home, but quiets easily. Will bark at some bikers when on walks. He is cautious of large black dogs on walks after a Chow barked at him regularly in our neighborhood. He prefers his crate during thunderstorms. Will help himself to food left on the counter if no one is home...he's just tall enough to stretch. He seems to do best with small/ medium, female dogs for play and companionship.


Franklin DOB 12/28/2010 black cocker boy with a white chest. He has been raised with both other dogs and cats. He is very friendly and loving. He loves his toys and will play catch. He is a happy and active dog that loves attention.


Charlie ~ DOB 2006 buff cocker boy. Charlie was originally found running loose and living off what he could find in garbage cans when he was approx. 8 months old. He is a clown and is house trained. He likes FOOD and is always looking for something to eat. He is a friendly dog, who is good with all and with other dogs.

Milo III

This dog has been adopted! Milo III ~ DOB 2011 Milo is a tri-colored cutie who needs a home. He loves other dogs and children (Texie tested and approved). Milo is housebroken, up to date on shots, neutered, loves the water, walks well on a leash, and is a perfect gentleman in public. Milo is ready for a forever home.


Georgie ~ DOB 2005 dark buff cocker boy. He was going to be taken to the local shelter, but was saved by a lady who knew that the shelter does not take in older dogs and only puts them down. He is a great dog. He is sweet, cute, and his tail does not stop wagging

Hershey II

This dog has been adopted! Hersey II ~ DOB 2008 chocolate boy. His owner is finding it difficult to care for his needs, so he is looking for a new furever home. He is very laid back, house broken, and good with other dogs, but does have trouble sharing his food with other dogs. He is very gentle taking food from people.


Pluto DOB June 2013 sable cocker boy. He is very cute, friendly, and extremely sweet. He loves to cuddle. He gets along with other dogs and is very energetic


This dog has been adopted! Dexter ~ DOB 2011 black and white Cocker Spaniel and King Charles Cavalier mix boy. He is a good boy and very sweet. He is house trained and gets along well with other dogs.

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