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The Boys
We have a large selection of male Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.


Milo ~ DOB 2010 Springer Cocker mix boy. Milo is a beautiful black and white boy. He is looking for a patient owner. He is fearful at first but warms up quickly and is then a love. He is good with other dogs, but not young children. He is a scared boy who needs socialization and someone to trust. He is approximately 40 lbs. His owners dumped him at a kill shelter.


Romeo DOB May 2007 buff cocker boy. Romeo's parents had to move and their new place did not allow dogs. He is good with people and other animals. He LOVES being around people. He is alittle over weight, but his foster mom is working on that. He is a sweet boy and is complete house trained. He loves rolling around carpets and itching his back. He likes to plays with bones and will eat about anything (except pickles)! He does not like to swim, but will tolerate a bath.


Fez DOB May 2007 chocolate and white boy. Fez was owned by a cross country truck driver and used to go with his dad everywhere. Every time his dad would go home overseas Fez would go to a boarding facility. This last time his dad did not come back for him. He is completely house broken and loves everyone. One of his favorite hobbies is sitting inside looking out a window.


Clooney ~ DOB 2014 chocolate and white cocker boy with a full tail. Clooney is currently heartworm positive and will be treated prior to being adopted. He is a sweet boy who loves to play. He is all puppy. He loves people and other dogs. He will be ready for adoption about beginning of August.


Jay ~ DOB 2006 buff cocker boy. Jay has been bounced around a lot. His first family had him for 5 years then turned him over to a shelter. His second dad had him for about 3 years then became very sick. During this time, Jay lived virtually alone, no social contact with other animals or other people. When his dad became hospitalized, Jay went to live with his dad's family. Jay was unable to stay there because of a HOA weight limit. Another family member took him, but now when they no longer could keep him, he was turned over to FCSR. Jay is really a sweet dog. He comes when called (if he isn't already nearby, as he follows you everywhere), he can hold his pee and poop for 12+ hours (if necessary), likes other dogs (my goodness, you should see him at the Dog Beach!) ignores cats completely, climbs into his bath by himself, and loves boats, lakes and the ocean. Jay absolutely loves car rides, isn't too gentle when you offer a treat, only howls when he wants to come in, does fine on a leash too, and sleeps a lot as he is an older dog. His tail is docked too closely, so his whole body moves back and forth as he tries to wag it.

Riley Parti

Riley Parti DOB 2009 black and white parti cocker boy. Riley is good with everyone. He is a loveable pup and so sweet. His owner was unable to keep him. He is alittle over weight but FCSR is working on that.


Snoop DOB 2011 tri color cocker boy. Snoop's family moved and he was unable to go with them. He is good with other dogs, but can be nervous around them at first. He is house broken and very sweet. He is a handsome boy who has been around young kids, but is really not good with them. He prefers females, but does warm up to males after a short time.


Daniel ~ DOB 4/22/2009 chocolate cocker boy with silver tips. His family lost their home and he went to live with a really nice man, but then the man got sick and couldn't take care of him anymore, so he ended up in the shelter. He is very mellow and easy going. He has wonderfully soft silver tipped brown fur that you just want to snuggle into! He is a joyful little man, sweet as can be, very loving, and likes to be near you. He seems to be just happy that someone is calling him and comes at the sound of your voice. He is great in the car and is very happy to be in the midst of other wiggle buts! He is like "cool, they're just like me!!!" I'm not sure he even noticed the cat, but I would say he is good with everyone.


Calypso DOB 2008 black cocker boy. Calypso is very mild tempered and loves attention from everyone. He is a quiet boy. He loves to go for walks in the park, car rides and even attention at bath time. He loves to play outside and run and would like to have a nice back yard. He gets along well with other dogs & is house broken. He is currently being treated by FCSR for chronic ear infections and will hopefully be ready for adoption after that.


Kenny ~ DOB 2013 boykin spaniel. Kenny is very friendly. He is all puppy and is in need of some training. He loves everyone and is great with other dogs. Not fond of cat though and barks at them. Getting him to hold still for pictures was almost impossible. Has been bounced around a lot and is now in search of a furever home.

Oreo and Aurora

Oreo & Aurora DOB 2007 brother & sister pair. These 2 are litter mates and have
never been separated. Their parents could no longer afford them and asked FCSR to
help. They love people dogs, and cats. They are house broken and are well mannered
love monkeys!


Frost DOB Feb. 2013 white and buff parti cocker boy. Frost is a good boy. Alittle shy at first but loves everyone and other dogs. He is potty trained, loves to go for walks, but does pull, loves riding in a car, and is very adorable. He loves attention and would prefer an at home mom.

Ricky and Louis

Ricky and Louis DOB 2009 black and white cocker boys. These boys are brothers and must stay together. They are both very sweet, loving and well behaved. They are great with everyone and with other dogs. If you start talking to them their butts wiggle non-stop


This dog has been adopted! Chance DOB ~ 2013 buff cocker boy. Chance was found in the pan handle in pretty rough shape. A nice lady took him to the vet and got him checked out. He is on some medicine for his eyes and has now had his cherry eye tucked. He is a sweet and loving boy. All puppy and really smart. The girl who found him called him Einstein. He is a gentle boy who is good with other dogs and cats. He loves everyone. He is looking for a home with a fenced yard and a friend to play with.


Dali ~ DOB 2003 buff cocker boy. His owner was no longer able to take care of him so he came to FCSR. He is a very sweet boy. He is quiet, walks well on a leash, gets along with everyone and other dogs, and is all trained. He is just looking for a quiet home and someone to hang out with for the rest of his life. He is very healthy and does not look or act his age.

Jessie & Graham

Jessie & Graham DOB 2004. The white one is named Jessie and the brown one is Graham. They aren't brothers but have been together since they were puppies. Their mom had to give them up because they were not getting along with the new baby. Graham is very sweet, kind, and shy. Jessie is more outgoing, loves attention. They are house broken and completely trained. They get along great with other dogs


This dog has been adopted! Sullivan ~ DOB 2007 black cocker boy. Sullivan's parents got moved to assisted living by their kids and they were unable to take him along. None of the kids wanted him either. He is a sweet boy. Alittle timid at first, but wouldn't you be in his situation! He is house broken, walks well on a leash and loves to just be with people. He gets along well with everyone and other dogs.

Coco Creme

This dog has been adopted! Coco Cream DOB August 2009 buff and white cocker boy. His mom was having heart
surgery and was unable to care for him anymore. He is great around dog and cats,
but alittle skittish at first around new people. He is very loving & sweet boy. He
is completely trained & house broken too.


Panda ~ DOB 2007 black & white merle cocker boy. Panda is a special boy. He walks alittle funny and his back legs are too close together. FCSR has had x-rays and other tests completed on him and it appears to be a birth defect. He is not in any pain and gets around just fine. He is a happy boy & is house trained. He is a smaller cocker and very cute. He has one blue eye and one brown eye! He loves everyone & gets along great with other dogs. He is alittle thin right now, but his foster mom is working on that.

Bailey Chocolate

Bailey Chocolate DOB 9/13/06 chocolate and white cocker boy. His parents are having their 3rd baby and Bailey needs to find a quieter home. He is very friendly & loving. He loves going for walk and just being outside. He loves to chew on bones. His only issue is that he does not like his back end touched. He originally came from an owner that was not nice to him, so that may be why. He loves attention & he is truly a loving boy.

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