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The Boys
We have a large selection of male Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.


Sammy DOB 2004 buff and white cocker boy. He is a very sweet and easy going boy. He is very loving and just wants to snuggle. He is house trained and likes to go for walks on a leash. His parents were a military family and had to turn him in before going on leave overseas.

Red Buster

Red Buster DOB September 25, 2005 red & white cocker boy. Buster likes to bark at strangers but then calms down and makes friends with them after a few minutes. His family was unable to keep him and his brother because the children were allergic to them. He is friendly with dogs, cats, and CHICKENS! He is also house trained and love everyone.

Charlie Parti

Charlie Parti DOB July 8, 2003 buff & white parti cocker boy. Charlie is older but still full of energy. He is still able to run around and jump up on the bed. His family was unable to keep him and his brother because the children were allergic to them. He is friendly with dogs, cats, and CHICKENS! He is also house trained and love everyone.


Tator DOB 2011 black cocker boy. Tator is really skittish and scared around new people. He takes awhile to warm up, but once he does, then he just wants to be loved. He needs a patient owner willing to work with him. A quiet home would be best for him too. He came from a military family that was moving overseas and could not take him. They originally got him from a breeder. He is very cute and walks well on a leash. Loves to cuddle in bed with his owner.


Rusty ~ DOB 2004 buff cocker boy. His previous owner barely took care of him and family members even had to shame her into taking him to the vet. Now her and her boy friend have broken up and she wanted to put him down. Her boyfriend took him and called FCSR. He was badly matted and the family called a groomer to come shave him down. He is a sweet boy and very calm. He eats well and gets along with all. He is very loyal and loves people and other dogs. He is just a good ol boy looking for a place to rest his head for the rest of his life.


Leal ~ DOB 2009 red cocker boy. Leal's owner moved into an apartment that would not allow dogs. He is a quiet boy, house trained, gets along great with everyone and other dogs. He understands both Spanish and English. He is not destructive and has always been free to run loose in the house. He does have cataracts, but can see well and no trouble getting around. He is very low key and has no behavior issues.


This dog has been adopted! Mel DOB 2006 black cocker boy. Mel is such a sweet and loving boy. His current owner is no longer able to provide a good home for him, so he is in search of a foster or permanent home. Here is what Mel has to say about himself: My name is Mel and I am a rescued male born in 2006. I love to cuddle, I am house trained, and a good watch dog. I do well walking on a leash. I am very devoted to my human and I get along well with other dogs and even cats. I am good-natured and very calm. I visited the vet recently and am up to date on all my vaccinations. I am in search of a new human that I can love unconditionally in a forever home


This dog has been adopted! Finn ~ DOB Dec. 2010 buff and white cocker boy. Finn is a very sweet boy who is extremely playful. He is a needy boy, but that is probably due to his past. He has been bounced around a bunch. He was bought as a puppy, but when his dad was deployed and mom had a new baby, he was in search of a new home. New owners did not take care of him and he was found very matted and covered in fleas. FCSR has promised the original owners that a good furever home will be found for him.


Jethro ~ DOB 2011 black cocker boy. He is a pretty boy with big waves down his back and a wavy/curly hair coat. He is a small cocker boy. He was rescued from a SW Florida shelter. He is very sweet, low key and gets along with everyone.


Coal DOB 2009 black cocker boy. Coal's mom passed away and him and his 2 brothers came to FCSR. He had been in the same home since he was a puppy, so he is kind of lost now. He is a sweet boy, good with other dogs, and friendly with everyone. Likes to go for car rides and walks. He is a real outgoing cocker with a great personality

Georgie Barkus Brown

Georgie Brarkus Brown ~ DOB 2011 chocolate cocker boy. Georgie was on death row at a local shelter. He is now looking for love with a furever family. He has cataracts in both eyes, but can still see well enough to chase his ball around the house. He is good with cats, dogs and people. He is a love!


This dog has been adopted! Ozzy DOB 2002 buff cocker boy. Ozzy's owners had to give him up because their 1 year old baby was allergic to him. He is very friendly and quiet. He is deaf, but follows hand signals. He is looking for a new foster or furever home to spend his golden years


Max ~ DOB 2009 Black and Tan cocker boy. Max's owner left him with a friend and never came back for him. He is house broken and knows sit, shake, lay, and rollover when he feels like it. He is very cuddly. He is food aggressive around his dog bowl, but is good about taking treats with other dogs.


Mickey ~ DOB 2004 black cocker boy. Mickey originally came from a pet store. His owner could no longer keep him and was keeping him tied outside all day & night. A friend took him short term and taught him how to live in a house and a few tricks. He's a very sweet dog & is starving for affection. He is house trained, loves to go for car rides, & is trained to walk next of you on the right side when you go for walks. He will try stealing food if you leave it on a low counter or table! If he wants attention or needs to go outside he'll pant. He gets along with dogs & cats & even likes it when the cats rub up against him. The picture of him with the lady bug costume was taken this Halloween. He was very good wearing it.


Emeril ~ DOB 2007 black cocker boy. Emeril came to FCSR as a very fuzzy wiggle butt. He looked like a baby black bear with a butt that would not stop. FCSR put him into a cute cocker cut and is currently taking him to get the wart removed from his eye lid. He LOVES balls and will fetch as long as you will play with him. He is very sweet, good with other dogs and cats and is a very happy go lucky boy.

charlie Monroe

Charlie Monroe ~ DOB 2008 black cocker boy. Charlie was adopted from FCSR alittle over a year ago. His mother came down with cancer and died suddenly. Charlie and his 2 brothers have come back to FCSR in search of a new furever home. He is a good boy, well mannered, and house trained. He walks well on a leash. Gets along with everyone and other dogs. He originally came to FCSR via the Carolina's so he is well traveled too.


Scout DOB 2/14/2004 black cocker boy with distinguished gray around his muzzle and ears. Scout is looking for a foster or furever home. His owner's health is failing and he can no longer work and has to move in with his son and his family. Scout is a mellow dog, does not jump up or lick people, he does love to be petted and barks when the door bell rings. He is good around children at first, but when he gets tired, and kids try to hug him from behind, he w...ill snap, he has never bitten anyone. Scout loves to ride in the car, take long walks and chase after lizards and cats. Scout is house trained and has always had the run of the house with no issues, except getting into the garbage sometimes, so if that is out of sight, there is no problem. He is a good dog and just wants to be petted and follow his owner everywhere.


Gideon DOB 2010 red with white markings cocker boy. He has a great temperament. Loves to just sit and watch TV with you or get out and play. He gets alittle upset when left alone and cries, but then calms down and takes a nap. He is very friendly and loves people and other dogs.


Buddy Trooper DOB 1/2004 buff cocker boy. Buddy Trooper is looking for a foster or a furever home. His parents are moving into a condo and can not take him. Here is Buddy's info: American Cocker Spaniel Pure Bred, 35 pounds. Loves squeaky toys and kids that throw them. Has an extremely soft attitude. NEVER Bit or showed aggression towards anyone or thing except squeaky toys. Sleeps a lot in his own bed. Likes to be covered. A little deaf or he is ignoring us. Not a barker except when he is playing with squeaky toys. LOVES (INSISTS) on getting between your legs when you are in a recliner chair. Gets up, turns around and goes to sleep. Likes biscuits. Follows you around the house everywhere you go until you sit down or stop walking. Then he either gets up on your recliner or lays down on your feet. He is a doll


Madison ~ DOB 2012 Black and Tan Cocker boy. Madison was in such bad shape that we could not even tell what breed he was. He is a sweet, docile guy who gets along great with other dogs. He knows a few tricks: sit, lay down, and roll over. He is SO snuggly and the best lap dog!!

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