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The Girls
We have a large selection of female Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.


Mia DOB 4/5/2006 black cocker girl with white chest. Mia is a small cocker and very cute. She is sweet, active and does not act her age. She gets alittle nervous on car rides, but does not get sick. She is a sweet heart and will follow you everywhere wanting some lovin'. She is house trained too.

Chloe Ann

Chloe Ann ~ DOB 2005 white and buff cocker girl. Her parents dropped her off at a kill shelter. She has no health issues, other than she may have some trouble hearing. She is a dream. She is small, cute, and house broken. She is well behaved and gets along with everyone and other dogs. She is very smart and learns quickly.


Crystal DOB 2010 cocker doxie mix. She is a cute black and white girl with a long beautiful tail. She is alittle shy and skittish at first, but once she warms up all is well. She is smart, patient, loving, and loves her belly rubbed. She is not good with young children, but great with other dogs.


Dutchess DOB 2012 chocolate cocker girl. She is a sweet girl who is definitely a lap dog. She is not good around young children, but loves adults. Gets along great with other dogs. She is house broken. Her family was no longer able to keep her.


Lady DOB 2008 buff cocker girl. Lady's parents could no longer afford to take care of her ears, therefore they turned her over to FCSR. Her ears are extremely bad and after a couple months of medicine she will need to have ear ablation surgery in both ears. Once that is complete Lady will be deaf, but no more ear issues. Lady is currently looking for foster home in the Tampa area until her ear surgery is complete, then she will be available for adoption.


Roxy DOB 2009 buff and white cocker girl. Roxy is a very sweet and loving girl. She is house trained and is excellent when left alone in the house. She has no aggression issues, but does prefer women to men. She is not good with young kids. She is good with other dogs, but likes to be the center of attention.


Lilly ~ DOB 2007 chocolate and white parti cocker girl. She is blind in one eye and can see alittle in the other eye. FCSR is going to get her eye checked out and hopefully she will be a good candidate for surgery. Right now FCSR is looking for a foster to adopt or just a foster home for Lilly. She is a small girl. Very sweet. Gets along with everyone and other dogs. Her owner said that she used to love toys and the beach before she went blind. We hoping that she will get that chance again.


This dog has been adopted! Nola ~ DOB 2011 black cocker girl. She is adorable and tiny. She has soft fuzzy
fur and beautiful clear brown eyes. She was a stray who showed up at a lady's door.
The lady took her to her mom's house but her mom was unable to keep her due to
having multiple dogs already. She is alittle cautious and nervous at first. She
likes to be near you and cuddle. She appears to be house trained, but takes awhile
to get comfortable in new situations. She is good with other dogs as long as they
are not over dominate. She barks at cats but does not go after them and appears to
not really know what it is.

Bella Boo

This dog has been adopted! Bella Boo ~ DOB 5/26/2010 red and white cocker girl with a full tail. She is a
beautiful young little girl with silky wavy red and white fur. She only weighs 24
pounds, is about 4 years old, and has a lovely long tail that she likes to wave! She
has been very well taken care of and has been groomed regularly. Her family lost
their home and they had to move into a place that would only take dogs under 20
pounds. She is very friendly, loves people, dogs and looks like she is ok with the
cat too! She likes to give kisses, walks well on a leash, is house trained, and is a
very good snuggler in the bed at night! She is a good little girl!

Oreo and Aurora

Oreo & Aurora DOB 2007 brother & sister pair. These 2 are litter mates and have
never been separated. Their parents could no longer afford them and asked FCSR to
help. They love people dogs, and cats. They are house broken and are well mannered
love monkeys!


Buffy DOB 2013 buff cocker girl. Her parents could no longer afford her and turned her over to FCSR. She has had chronic ear infections her entire life and has already undergone 1 ear ablation. Now her other ear is bothering her and she may have to have surgery on that one. She is already deaf in both ears. FCSR will be taking her to a specialist for review and treatment. Buffy is wonderful with adults, but not great with small children. She likes to be left alone when eating and can be food aggressive, but is good with treats. She is good with other dogs, except around her food bowl and is overall a sweet girl who is very cute.

Daisy J

Daisy J ~ DOB 2006 buff/red cocker girl. Daisy J is a small chunky girl with a tail that does not stop. She loves everyone. She gets along great with both dogs and cats. She originally came from a Missouri puppy mill, but has been bounced around since then.


Freckles DOB 2003 buff and white cocker girl. Her elderly mother was no longer able to take care of her and wanted a better life for her. She is vision impaired but can see. She is friendly and good with other dogs. Her tail wags non-stop. She loves to go for car rides. She walks well on a leash. She is house broken. She is very sweet and cute too. Just little love bug!


Gracie Girl DOB Jan. 21, 2007 chocolate & white cocker girl. Her dad passed away and family members are unable to keep her. She is cute and friendly. She would do best in an only dog home with no little kids. She is used to being spoiled and loves all of the attention to herself.


Honey ~ DOB 2008 buff and white cocker girl. Honey is VERY timid and is looking for a patient owner and a quiet. If loose she will bolt until she gets to know you really well. She is friendly and good with other dogs, just very skittish. She is looking for a stay at home mom with a secure fenced in yard. She has escaped from 2 different foster homes so now only lives with the 1 person that she trusts.


Bella ~ DOB 2008 buff cocker girl. She is sweet, loving and always wants to be with you. She was surrendered because of separation anxiety, so would probably do best with a stay at home owner who is willing to work with her. She needs to feel safe and previous owners said that she did not do well in a crate.

Black Molly

Black Molly is a senior cocker girl who came to FCSR blind. She developed glaucoma and had to have both eyes removed. She is very sweet and loving girl.


Rose DOB 2006 purebred black cocker girl. Her owner was in a horrific car accident, but luckily survived. She is now disabled and can no longer take care of herself or Precious & Rose. She had owned both girls their entire life and had originally gotten them from a breeder. Rose is very friendly and loves everyone and other dogs. Rose has limited vision, but loves to follow you around non-stop. She is a very sweet girl in search of a new family.


Sparkle is a black senior cocker girl. She was turned in by a breeder. The breeder
said that she can not sell black puppies. She developed bilateral cataracts and
FCSR did cataract surgery. Not long after she developed glaucoma and recently had
both eyes removed. She also had CUPS disease where she is allergic to the tarter on
her teeth, so she had to have all of her back teeth removed. A lot of issues for
such a sweet little girl, but she does like to howl sometimes.


Treasure is a little senior girl. She was being used to breed and sell her puppies but became blind before she was 2 yrs old from glaucoma. They no longer wanted her. She has had bilateral eye ablations. She can not see but loves to be held and cuddled.

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