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The Girls
We have a large selection of female Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.


Hi I am Sophia and I am 10 months old. I will be available for adoption as soon as Ms Carol knows more about me. If you would like more info please call her at 813-245-1833.


Hi all my name is Precious and I just turned 10 years old. Just 4 days before I was left at a shelter in the panhandle. The shelter people were really nice to me. They knew that one of my eyes really hurt a lot so they fixed that and then they made my teeth clean too! Now I don't have stinky breath. Then they asked FCSR to try to find me a home and they said they would do that. Now I am in foster care in North Florida. I really do like other dogs. I am blind but I can find my way around really well. I am about 22 lbs and I have a big beautiful long tail which is always wagging.


Hi I am Hanna and I have a monthly sponsor. Thank you Ms Tara! ******************** I am just a little girl. All of 15 weeks old. I love to chew because I hear I have what are called puppy teeth. Well duh! I guess that's because that is what I am. Nobody should be surprised about that. I would love to have a home with another doggy friend and a fenced backyard to run and play in. If you think you are my new forever home please fill out an application (whatever that is) at


Darcy's DOB is 2010. She came to FCSR from a Central Florida shelter. She is a sweet girl but we don't know a lot yet about her. Will post more as we get to know her.


My name is Lucille and my DOB is around 2010. My foster mom says I'm a precious very very petite sable cocker. I am very quiet and very easy to take care of and will run to the door if I need to go outside. I really like to stay close to my foster mom but that may be because I'm deaf. I was dumped at the shelter after having many litters of puppies for a breeder. Because of this I will need surgery to remove mammary tumors from overbreeding. I love attention and cuddling from my foster and I get along great with other dogs.

Cricket and Lady

Cricket's DOB is 2013 and is the beautiful girl on the couch. Her mom is Lady and she is the one on the floor. Her DOB is 2011. These are a bonded pair of cuties. This girls are both people and other dog friendly. Lady does have a vision impairment but is able to see. Both are happy girls and would love to wiggle their ways into your house and heart.


Trixie DOB 2008 - Shhhhh.......Trixie here. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself but I'm sooooooo sleepy. Mondays. They get ya. I was surrendered a few months ago and I was not in good shape. I sorta lost count but I've had a lot of babies over the years. Tooooo many. But I've had my spay surgery and I'm feeling so much better. When I got turned in my eyes and my ears were infected. You could smell them across the room. I was so embarrassed. But my foster mom was like, "Trixie. No big deal! We'll get this figured out." And guys! We did! My eyes are feeling so good now! Whew. You just don't know how good I feel. I'm so comfy here with my foster mom and all my foster friends but I gotta tell you. I'm wishing for a forever family. A place where it can be my home for real. Man that would be wonderful. I'm super quiet. I love to snuggle. I'm perfectly housebroken. I sleep all night. I'm about 8 years old. I love to be outside. I don't run away. I love car rides. I just want to be with you! Can you be my human? Let my foster mom know if you need to know more about me. I'm dreaming you'll find me. Sweet dreams, friends! Good night!


This dog has been adopted! Tory's DOB is 2012 She is a 4 yr old black and white english cocker spaniel who was found as a stray. The owner was located but they did not wish to have her returned. She is a major major wiggle butt! She has been spayed and is HW negative. Very sweet girl.


This dog has been adopted! Abby is a cute little girl. Dob of birth 2004. She still gets around great and is very sweet. She is working on her housebreaking and right now is still taking medication for a UTI.


Carly's estimated birthday is 2011. HI all my name is Carly!. Yes like the singer. She is my favorite. I came to my foster home with a HUGE tumor on my tummy. I had surgery to take it off and I feel so much better now. I heard them saying that i did not have any cancer show up in what they called a biospy of the tumor the removed. All I know is I feel sooooo much better. I still do need drops in my eyes 2 times a day and sometimes I have a hard time seeing. But don't worry I know everything that is going on around me. You can't sneak anything past me! My foster mom and sister gave me a couple of really soft comfy beds and I like to be close to my foster mom at night so I sleep right next to her on the rug in her room. I like to go for walks with my doggie friend in my foster home. I am a little slower then she is but I still do OK. I LOVE to be petted but please don't yell around me it really scares me. I do pretty well using a doggie door and I hate to have accidents in the house. In fact I only ever had one when I first got here and I was feeling bad and really confused. I REALLY want a forever home now. I love my foster home but I know they need to help another doggie just like me when I find my home. I hope it doesn't take too long.

Princess B

Princess dob 2005 buff female She has lost one eye and the remaining is not able to be fixed. She is so sweet, loves people. She is good with other dogs but does not like to share her balls with them.


Doodles 28-30 lbs Cockapoo. Her dob is 2013. She is a friendly girl who is good with other dogs and people. She has a diagnosis of Epileptic Seizures and will require medication 2 X daily.

Blonde Molly

Blonde Mollie Girl's DOB if 2006. She is a sweet girl and loves to sit on the couch with you and just be loved. She has only been with the rescue for a couple of days but has made friends everywhere she goes. She is good with other dogs and even seems to be house broken. To see more pictures of Molly Girl, copy and paste the following link:


Ziva's DOB is 2004. She is a Docker (cocker spanieal/Dachshund mix) She lost her home when her mom had to go into a nursing home. Saved by her vet from being PTS. They did a dental for her where she lost all but 3 teeth. But that is not going to stop her at all. she is a sweet loving little girl. She will sit on the couch with you and just want to have you pet her. We get the impression already that she would like to sleep in the big bed. About 15 lbs and right now is all hair. We will post more pictures when she is groomed. To see more pictures of Ziva, copy and paste the following link:

Molly Chocolate

Molly Chocolate DOB 2013 chocolate Merle girl. She is very sweet and has beautiful markings. Alittle chunky, but her foster mom I working on that. She is currently HW+ and FCSR is treating her. She will be available for adoption once treatments are complete. To see more pictures of Molly, copy and paste the following link:

Candy and Sox

Candy and Sox are a senior bonded pair. Sox is Black with white feet and his DOB is 2006 and Candy is chocolate and her DOB is 2007. Candy is Sox's sister from another litter. Candy is blind and Sox has vision. Candy depends on Sox for security. She can be a little skittish if started but both are friendly and sweet. Sox will be getting his cherry eye tucked before adoption. To see more pictures of Dakota, copy and paste the following link:


Daisy DOB 9/24/07 red cocker girl. Daisy is a sweet girl. She was covered in fleas, thus skin issues when she arrived at FCSR. Her foster mom has gotten rid of the fleas and hopefully with a good diet and baths, her skin will clear up. She is good with other dogs except around food and treats, so she must be separated at dinner time. She likes car rides and walks. She loves people and just wants to be around you. To see more pictures of Daisy, copy and paste the following link:

Lady Lucie

Lady Lucie ~ DOB 2011 buff cocker girl. Lady’s mom had to go out of the country and was unable to take her. Lady is alittle shy at first and can be grumpy. She does warm up quickly after a couple of treats though. She is very loving, affectionate , and loves to be pet (once she gets to know you). She is house trained. To see more pictures of Lady Lucie, copy and paste the following link:


Tatta DOB 2007 buff and white cocker girl. Her family had to give her and her brother up because the kids were allergic to them. She is house trained, good with people, other dogs, and kids. To see more pictures of Tatta, copy and paste the following link:


Tinkerbell DOB 2009 black and tan cocker girl. She lost her home because kid was allergic. She is sweet, loveable & good with other dogs. She does have cataracts and is vision impaired but can see some. She is very much a wiggle butt!

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