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The Girls
We have a large selection of female Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.


This dog has been adopted! HI guys my name is Lila! My birthday is October 18, 2008. I am a little girl but right now need to lose a little weight. I am having lots of fun running around my foster home with my foster bubbas and sisters. They like to lay on the ottoman with me too. I really like having a yard but I would be OK with being in a home without one. I am really good walking on a leash. I would like to have a home with at least one other doggie friend. Right now I have some ear infections that foster mom is working on clearing up. Having a thing called a culture done and will be going back to the the doc next week. I am going to have my teeth cleaned and have a great big bump taken off of my side. I am cute and sweet and housebroken and everything you would want in a cute cocker spaniel. I know it may be a little bit before I am ready to go home but if you think I am your girl then fill out an application at If you would like to donate to Lila's surgery and medications you can do that at through paypal. Or through the donate button here on the FB page. Thanks!

Prince Gino and Princess Christina

This dog has been adopted! Are you looking for a prince and princess to add magic to your life? Then meet Prince Gino and Princess Christina. They are sitting pretty on their pedestal. Hi, I’m Gino, a very sweet & docile blonde male. My royal sibling is Christina, she is the black one and she is also very sweet. We are a bonded pair and must stay together. Our DOB 5-2014. You can make our fairy-tale dreams come true by taking us to your castle to live furever.

Bo and Bridgette

This dog has been adopted! Bo and Bridgette are a bonded pair. Bridgette is the buff little one and is 2 years old. Bo is her brother and is the Chocolate He is 5 years old


This dog has been adopted! Hi my name is Katie and my birthday is in 2007. I am a sweet girl and love people but I would really like to have a home where I am the only dog

Maggie Blond

This dog has been adopted! My name is Maggie and they just added the Blond so I don't get mixed up with other Maggie's. My birthday is 9/10/16. So I am still just a puppy with puppy energy. I am a little shy at first but I will warm up once I get to know you. I must have a home with a fenced yard and I would really love to have another doggie playmate to keep me company. I am going to see the eye doctor to find out why my eyes are tearing like this and I am also going to be spayed, whatever that means


Hi my name is Trouble and my birthday is in 2011. I love other dogs and really love people. I even am OK with cats. I am not a fan of kids though, they are kind of loud for me. I would like a home that is nice and quiet since I am a low key kind of relaxed girl. I would be OK without a fenced yard as long as you are willing to take me for lots of walks. More info: Troubles was surrendered to animal services with several other dogs. She either became very sick in animal services or was sick when surrendered. She is totally well now on no medicines. We completed her vetting,spay and heartworm treatment.Either animal services named her or it was the name given by the previous owner.She has a quiet low keyed temperament and sleeps on an ottoman usually with other dogs up there too.She is a friendly social dog that gets along with other animals and people without issue. I have not had her around small children.She is not a runner or escape artist.I do not crate her here at all. I have no idea if she is housebroken or not.


This dog has been adopted! Fiona's birth year is 2009. She is a 22 lbs girl who is very scared right now. She will need a person who is patient and loving to give her the time to adjust to a new home. She just came to us just a couple of days ago so we will learn more as we go along.


Sierra's DOB is 2006. Sweet girl who is good with other dogs and people. How can you resist those eyes.

Roxy Rose

This dog has been adopted! DOB 2004 - Roxie Rose is a quiet good girl. She is housebroken and would be great with a person would like a quiet companion. She does require medications for her eyes and we just found out she has hypothyroidism. She has medication for both her eyes and thyroid issues.

Princess Blind

Princess dob 2005 buff female She has lost one eye and the remaining is not able to be fixed. She is so sweet, loves people. She is good with other dogs but does not like to share her balls with them.

Molly Girl

Blonde Mollie Girl's DOB if 2006. She is a sweet girl and loves to sit on the couch with you and just be loved. She has only been with the rescue for a couple of days but has made friends everywhere she goes. She is good with other dogs and even seems to be house broken. To see more pictures of Molly Girl, copy and paste the following link:


Ziva's DOB is 2004. She is a Docker (cocker spanieal/Dachshund mix) She lost her home when her mom had to go into a nursing home. Saved by her vet from being PTS. They did a dental for her where she lost all but 3 teeth. But that is not going to stop her at all. she is a sweet loving little girl. She will sit on the couch with you and just want to have you pet her. We get the impression already that she would like to sleep in the big bed. About 15 lbs and right now is all hair. We will post more pictures when she is groomed. To see more pictures of Ziva, copy and paste the following link:

Candy and Sox

Candy and Sox are a senior bonded pair. Sox is Black with white feet and his DOB is 2006 and Candy is chocolate and her DOB is 2007. Candy is Sox's sister from another litter. Candy is blind and Sox has vision. Candy depends on Sox for security. She can be a little skittish if started but both are friendly and sweet. Sox will be getting his cherry eye tucked before adoption. To see more pictures of Dakota, copy and paste the following link:


This dog has been adopted! Daisy DOB 9/24/07 red cocker girl. Daisy is a sweet girl. She was covered in fleas, thus skin issues when she arrived at FCSR. Her foster mom has gotten rid of the fleas and hopefully with a good diet and baths, her skin will clear up. She is good with other dogs except around food and treats, so she must be separated at dinner time. She likes car rides and walks. She loves people and just wants to be around you. To see more pictures of Daisy, copy and paste the following link:


This dog has been adopted! Tatta DOB 2007 buff and white cocker girl. Her family had to give her and her brother up because the kids were allergic to them. She is house trained, good with people, other dogs, and kids. To see more pictures of Tatta, copy and paste the following link:


This dog has been adopted! Mykka ~ DOB 2009 black cocker girl. Mykka was found wandering around a park in Florida. She was in very bad shape. The person who found her took her to a vet, who shaved her down. Once shaved they found that she had a very enlarged eye, which needed to be removed ASAP. FCSR took her to an eye specialist for surgery and to have her other eye reviewed. She can see some out of the right eye, so cataract surgery may be possible. She is s sweet girl who just wants to be loved. She is good with all and gets along great with other dogs.


Mia DOB 2010 black and white cocker girl. Mia is a small girl. She is very loveable. She is good with other dogs, but not fond of young kids. Her owners had to turn her in due to allergies in the house. She was turned in with Mollie, but they are a bonded pair. Must be adopted together.


Mollie DOB 2010 buff and white cocker girl. Mollie has a great temperament and loves everyone. She is good with other dogs. Her owners had to turn her in due to allergies in the house. She was turned in with Mia and they are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.


Baby ~ DOB 2006 buff and white cocker girl. Baby is a beautiful cocker. She is very sweet and gentle. She loves to cuddle and be held, go for walks, and ride in the car. She is house broken and fully trained. She lost her vision a couple of years ago, but gets around pretty good after she knows her surroundings. She responds to her name and knows both English and Spanish. She likes to plays and loves attention and her belly rubbed. She is good with other dogs. She loves baths and combing. Her owner was no longer able to keep her. To see more pictures of Baby, copy and paste the following link:

Bonnie Pug

Bonnie Pug ~ DOB 2010 black pug mix. She is a sweet dog, house trained, and likes
to go on walks. She would prefer an at home owner and loves to be with someone all
of the time.

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