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The Girls
We have a large selection of female Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.

Lucy Lu

Lucy Lu DOB August 2011 buff cocker girl. She is an absolute sweetheart who loves to play and loves to cuddle. She has lived her whole life with other dogs and cats and does great with cats of all ages. Her favorite Toys R tennis balls and laser pointers. She does have some minor skin allergies that may require special food or medicine. FCSR will be checking that out.


Sandy ~ DOB 2004 red cocker girl. Her owner had an autistic child and could no longer care for her. Her daughter was slipping and falling on her. She took the dog to the shelter, but luckily contacted FCSR also. Sandy is in good health, but can not hear much. She sees very well and is very alert. She likes to go for walks and follows you around everywhere. She is a quite dog and is very laid back. She gets along fine with other dogs.

Cocoa Crisp

Cocoa Crisp DOB 2004 chocolate girl. Her owner left her behind in his apartment and his roommate is leaving for Canada and can not take her with him. She is very sweet with no behavior issues. She is active and full of energy. She gets along with everyone including other dogs.

Molly and Racqui

Molly & Racqui DOB 2005 beautiful buff cocker sisters. They are sisters from the same litter and have never been separated. They are older now, but still behave like puppies. They have been very well taken care of including scheduled vaccines, dentals, and grooming etc. They have been on heartworm medication their entire lives and have enjoyed only the finest food. They are in excellent health. Both dogs are well trained, immaculate, and have never destroyed anything at all. Owner is heartbroken as her health has declined and it has become nearly impossible for her to care for them properly. She is searching for a loving home with a nice yard for them to play in so they can have fun chasing lizards !! Molly has the sweetest disposition ever. She is affectionate and very gentle; great with everyone. Racqui is also a sweetie and affectionate like Molly. She doesn't love children and a home without children under 15 would be best. Anyone adopting them would be getting two treasures who are also great watchdogs !!

Daisy Cocker

This dog has been adopted! Daisy Cocker DOB 2007 white & buff cocker girl. Her mom had a stroke in May and dad is having trouble taking care of her and 3 small children. She is very gentle and sweet. She is house broken and has no medical issues.

Cara and Buddy

Cara & Buddy DOB 2004 buff cockers. Their owner was moving and took them to the
shelter instead of taking them with them. They are a very sweet couple. They are
quiet, house broken, walk well on a leash, and have wonderful house manners. They
are very healthy, but may have alittle trouble hearing! They are bonded and are
always side by side. They like sleeping curled up together. They are a very loving
couple in search of a furever home

Lucy Black

Lucy ~ DOB 2011 Black and Tan cocker girl. Very friendly with people, other dogs, and cats. Still needs some leash training. She has been living with a vet tech for about a month after being abandoned at the clinic. She was so matted when she was abandoned that they could not tell what breed she was until they shaved her down


This dog has been adopted! Ariel ~ DOB 2011 buff and white cocker girl with a full tail. Her owner was no longer able to take care of her so she turned her over to FCSR. She is house broken and a very well behaved girl.


Caty ~ DOB 2008 buff and white cocker girl. As you can see by the picture Caty was in pretty rough shape when she came out of the pound. She had small tumors on 2 of her legs, cherry eyes, and was in bad need of a dental and a haircut. FCSR is getting her all cleaned up and ready for a new furever home. She is a very sweet girl and loves to follow you around. When she arrived at her foster home after being in the pound, she ran up the step to the bed and fell asleep upside down

Baxter and Hershey

This dog has been adopted! Baxer DOB 2009 buff cocker boy. He is full of fun and loves his belly rubbed. He is
great with other dogs and cats. He is not good with young children. Loves going to
dog parks and beaches.
Hershey DOB 2007 chocolate girl. She is a LOVE BUG!!! She wants nothing more than
to lay in your warm lap and be petted all day. She is wonderful with any and all
kids, dogs, and cats. They have been together their whole life and would love for
them to go together to a new home. They really are 2 WONDERFUL pups.


Ruby ~ DOB 2003 dark buff cocker girl. Ruby's owners just had their 3rd baby and Ruby has become very anxious and not happy. She is a very sweet dog, great with kids, house trained, and in good health. She is very energetic for her age and just needs a home that can give her more attention.

Chewie & Max

Chewy (buff) ~ DOB 2003 & Maxie (tri-color) ~ DOB 2006 are a very sweet cocker
couple. They love everyone and are great with other dogs. Chewy likes to swim, but
Maxie is afraid of going in the water. They both like the dog park. Maxie loves
running and chasing birds. Chewy loves playing with his toys. Both dogs just love
being with each other & enjoying each others company


Lucy DOB 2012 buff cocker girl. She is very friendly and loves attention. Good with other dogs and cats. She would love a fenced in yard to run and play in.


Pumpkin DOB Dec. 6th, 2013 red and white parti colored cocker girl. She is alittle timid at first, but then comes out of her shell and wants to play. She is looking for a quiet home with someone who is willing to work with her and get her over her fear. She is good with other dogs and enjoys playing with them once she gets comfortable


Charlotte ~ DOB 2002 black and tan cocker girl. Charlotte was rescued by a some people hoping to make her a part of their family, but it is not working out. Their other dog is hiding and has gone into depression. She needs a furever home that can give her a lot of attention. She is deaf from years of ear neglect, but otherwise in good health. She loves to play ball and is a sweetheart. She gets along fine with other dogs. She is a beautiful little girl in search of a better home.


This dog has been adopted! Jojo (aka Joey) ~ DOB 2006 black cocker girl with a white chest. Jojo is mostly
blind and can only hear alittle. Her owner was going to put her down because
grandma moved into the house and was tripping over her. She is house trained and a
very sweet dog. She gets along well with other dogs and is very friendly. She is
on eye medicine for dry eye and incontinence medicine daily.

Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear ~ DOB 2004 buff and white cocker girl. Her mom is moving to a nursing home and could no longer take care of her. She is very sweet and completely trained. She loves everyone and is good with other dogs.


This dog has been adopted! CJ DOB 9/1/2006 chocolate and white cocker girl. Her mom passed away and her family could not keep her. She is AKC registered. She is slightly over weight and could use to lose alittle, but we are working on that. She does have a cataract in one eye, but can still see fine out of the other. We have requested her full vet history and have that on hand for whomever is interested in her. It is not recommended that she go to a home with children as they seem to scare her. She is friendly with both people and other dogs


Gracie ~ DOB 2001 black and white cocker girl. Her dad died and her mom is now in a nursing home. She is house broken and crate trained. She is very cute & sweet.


Ebony (AKA Ebby) ~ DOB 2007 black cocker girl. She came to FCSR from a breeder and was terrified of the world. She is very sweet & smart. She has learned to use the doggie door in her foster home. She is scared of thunderstorms, but is not destructive. She loves to follow her foster mom everywhere and will not let her out of sight. She is alittle camera shy so getting good pictures is tough!

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