Our Adoption Success Stories!

(Excerpts from actual emails sent in to us!)

Jake with his Family Jake at his new home

Hi Carol,

Jake is doing great!!! Still can't believe somebody would give him up - he's been just perfect. As you can see in the pictures he's making himself right at home and we totally adore him - "You've made another Perfect match"...

Thanks again for all you do - You're just terrific!!!

Steve & Trudy
(and of course Muffy - A.J. - and Jake)

Oliver in his new yard

Freddie smiling having a great time
Oliver and Freddie


Little Oliver (Boo Boo) and Freddie who passed away on Jan 19, 2006.
Besides missing Freddie really bad we are doing well, now.

I'll send more pictures as I get them.

Tamy Crump

Hunter Sitting Update on the big Hunter


I just wanted to write this to you to give you an update on Hunter. He is doing great and has lost nearly 20 lbs. He has been so happy, but still HATES kids. We are still working on that. But just thought I would let you know. Thanks again for all you have done for him.

Matthew Hunter

Zoey and Holly pose for Christmas Have a wonderful holiday!

HI Carol,

It has been nine months since Zoey and Holly were adopted. Nine months of lots of fun and excitement for these two wonderful cockers. Despite their age difference (Zoey about 7 years and Holly 18 months) I have never seen two dogs get along so well with each other. Zoey has taken the ever active Holly under her wing and brought her along. They are so well behaved. We are currently taking a refresher obedience class which is more fun than work. The back yard is being fenced to provide them with more freedom, and I led a group of residents in support of a dog park in our community -- and it is on the budget for 2007!
Thank you and the Florida Cocker Spanier Rescue for bringing us all together. I am attaching their holiday picture for you. Holly is on the left with Zoey on the right.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Neils Lindquist

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Carol,

The Herwicks are thankful for our terrific dog, Cappy and to you for putting us together with him. Here are a couple of photos.

Happy Thanksgiving,

John & Kathie Herwick

Shadow's new hobby What a wonderful dog

HI Carol,

Just another picture of Shadow. What a wonderful dog. Worth every mile we drove. How in the world did you find the time to make him so smart??? He obeys every word. He knows what no means. He sits pretty for you. He speaks for you. He does not even seem to need obedience school. I cant believe our luck. Thank You so much for picking us out of everyone that wanted him. I will keep you informed of our progress.
He is just amazed at my birds. He don't know what to make of them. He goes up to them and barks and they bark back. I guess he thinks they are another kind of a dog. But you can tell he is puzzled.

Take Care,

Patti Ene

An Award Winning Pooch!

I adopted a cocker from you a little over two years ago, and I just wanted to let you know she is spoiled to death by every member of the family. When I got her, her name was Amber but I changed it to Gracie. My mom takes care of her while I am at work so she is never alone. I entered her in a contest at work and she won first place for the prettiest one. I have attached a photo from last winter with her poncho, I said she was spoiled. The people at the vet love her so much and she is so good they always want to keep her there longer even after she is finished with her grooming.

Thank you for what you do for these dogs, God will bless you always.


Marilyn Taylor



Updates on our girls!

I hope you get these pictures of Skylar and Chelsea, they are doing great.  Skylar loves the water so every weekend we go to my parents to go swimming in the pool, she jumps right in with no fear, she has also taken showers with me, she insists on pushing the shower doors open.  Chelsea is a little reluctant when it comes to the water, but she is coming around.  Chelsea has turned out to be a really sweet dog and very playful.  Both of them are great and I am really enjoying them.

Madison is still having her pity parties, but each day she is getting better, she is so spoiled!!!!!.  My parents take her home on the weekend so she can have a little one-on-one without the other two pushing on all the attention!
Thank you.
Roni Gavigan



Riley is a perfect gentleman.  As advertised, he loves car rides and is very content to sleep in or watch TV.  He loves to play with stuffed toys while lying on his back.  When it's playtime, he's ready!  He is extremely fast, and he is totally focused on chasing lizards when he goes outdoors.  He is very patient with Tucker, and they play well together.  We can’t believe he had to stay at the Rescue for a full year before being adopted.  We thought that after such a long time away from an ordinary home, he'd have to be housebroken again.  We were wrong; he's never had an accident and he hasn't “marked” anything.  We are so fortunate to have him share our lives, and we feel like Carol saved him especially for us.


Tucker, formerly Puppy 6, is a very sweet boy.  His Rescue photo didn't do him justice, and he has turned out handsome.  He was laid back for about two days; after that, he became an ordinary six-month-old fun-loving puppy who likes to play with his buddy Riley.  His favorite game is anything that involves chasing balls, and he has learned to leap into the pool to retrieve them.  He is so affectionate, and he loves to kiss.  He makes the cutest little grunting sounds when he's greeting us.  Why he wasn't adopted before we found him at six months is beyond us

Dale & Debbie



The boys are doing wonderful! 


We believe they have settled into their new home and are very happy!   

Thanks to everyone at FCSR for everything!  I wish I could take another dozen of the little rascals.  


They are doing great !! 
They still sleep in the crate but more by choice than anything.  They just seem to like it as their space. Tanner and I have an ongoing battle to see who gets "my" chair when it's vacant.  It seems like I win less and less frequently.

A week ago when they graduated from Obedience School. 

Smart boys !!!   Tanner finished first (197 points out of a possible 200) and Odie second (196 points).  Odie is still upset that he got beat out for the blue ribbon !!

Gary Mitchell





4 great photos, 4 GREAT dogs!

Rocky Lee and Sarah Jane before they went to the groomers.

The next picture is taken with my sister at Sebastion Inlet on Memorial Day.

The 3rd picture seems to have captured my house ghost! Rocky sees him!

The last picture is after he got a haircut. I love him so much!

All my best to you and all the wonderful pups that share your life!

Jane Lyons



Raven and Cowboy love their new home!

They are wonderful dogs with great dispositions and we love them very much!!

I'll have to send you even more photos, but wanted to get these off to you and let you know how much we love having these boys as part of our family.

Janet Blank




A busy summer for the "Schraut Boys!"

Lefty, Magic & Casey are all having fun during their summer "Road Trip" in our motor home going cross country!!

Over the 4th of July we were in South Dakota.  We went to Mt Rushmore one day and to Crazy Horse memorial another. We took rides in our jeep up into the Black Hills of South Dakota everyday and we saw fireworks on the 4th!

Our next Big destination will be Glacier Nat'l Park in northern Montana ... then Yellowstone.... then on to Breckenridge where we are scheduled in on July 21st thru the 28th .

Our boys do love to travel and travel in style do they!

Jodi & Gary Schraut



Lady Uma has settled into our family nicely!

She loves EVERYBODY!

Lady Uma has decided that she is a guy's dog.  She loves to go up to the property in Cedar Key and romp with the fellas.  She particularly loves the freedom to run without a leash but stays very close by and comes when called.  My husband was packing today to leave for the property and she went out to the truck and settled in to the front seat...her way of say, "You're not leaving without me!"

She loves car rides and wants to go whenever anyone leaves the house.  Uma loves her walks and trots along for four miles without breaking her pace.  Everywhere we go, people remark on how well behaved and friendly she is.

Tomorrow we will see how she likes boating as she is going to go out fishing with her guys.

You might notice that we added Uma to her name.  Actually, she responds to Uma now.  My husband didn't think that Lady was special enough for his girl.!

We were talking about how she isn't really a cute dog, but elegant and so homely she's beautiful...kind of like Uma Thurman who is noted for her beauty.  Well, he really liked that name and it seems that Lady Uma did too.  We were tickled when our daughter's friend (a doctor from India) told her that the name means kisses in her Indian dialect.  This is a most appropriate name for our affectionate girl.

All the best to you!

Lynda Weingart


A letter from Holly (& Zoey)! 
My name is Holly and I am sleeping on Neils' chair in the den.  I am the one on the blanket -- I am about 9 months old and am so happy to have a home.  Sleeping next to me is Zoey -- she is about 5 or 6 years old.  She hasn't had a good home for several months, so now she loves to cuddle and sleep.  We love to walk in Solivita -- so many people to say "hi" to -- and we have already made lots of people and doggie friends. We are going to the Vet on Thursday morning -- we have all our shots -- but we want to make sure we will have a wonderful, healthy life with Neils.  Oh, and we get to ride in the car again -- we love riding in the car, specially a Mercedes.
The next time you come to visit Neils -- we will be here to play with you.
(You didn't think I could talk, did you...!)

Neils Lindquist


Annabelle is doing wonderfully!

Annabelle has completed her first 8 weeks of obedience school. Sits, Stays, rolls over and comes when called for treats. We still struggle with her loose leash walking and had to put her in a harness to maintain better control of her free spirit when outdoors. She loves to chase birds and geckoes and is curious over anything she sees, except the vacuum cleaner.

She's afraid of that, even when it's shut off and not moving. Doesn't like hot air balloons if they are within her sight either.

Annabelle's favorite thing is to play catch with her "squeaker" toys and loves to ride on the boat.

Annabelle also sleeps with us at night and would prefer the spot between us, although she is mostly relegated to sleeping at my feet or next to me. She adores my husband and will openly and verbally compete for his affection when necessary. She already thinks she's the "queen" of the household, although I remind her that "I'm the queen" and she's the "princess" she would beg to differ. I've nicknamed her QIT for "Queen in Training". By the time she's a senior citizen, I'm sure she'll "de-throne" me.

Thank you, Carol, for your patience and encouragement. She has won our hearts with her warmth and affectionate ways.

She is truly a joy to own and care for.

Sheri & Ron Steele and Annabelle too!


Our Lucky is a total gem!! 

How anyone gave him up is beyond me.  He is well behaved, house broken, and loyal to a fault. He is a bit of a bed hog!

I almost never call him Lucky because I can't get past the wiggle in the back end so I end up just calling him Wiggle. 

Hope you are all well.

Cathy Scoblionko


An Obedient Boy!

Carol, a quick update on Cappy. He slept the whole way home last Saturday.  The first night he jumped up on the bed like he had lived here for a long time. He slept there all night.  He is such an affectionate dog. He loves to lick your face and cuddle up to you in bed. Even though our bed is higher than some, he has no problem jumping up and down.  He tested him for worms, negative. He weighs 31 lbs. We have already made an apt. to have in groomed in August when he will be grown in again. Someone did a good job of training him, as he will sit, stay, come, down and give you his paw on command. We are very happy he is now part of our family and thank you for taking such good care of him for the past year.

P.S. One small problem, he takes his food out of the bowl and drops it on the floor around the bowl. Do you have any suggestions?  Possibly a bigger bowl? Don't have room for a kiddie pool. Ha!              

John Herwick



Nice homecoming experience for Sophie!

I will say that Miss Sierra took great exception to having Miss Sophie get hold of her bone, even if it was a small shard of the original -- still it was hers, all hers! Nor did she particularly like the way Sophie cozied up to her Mom and Dad on the big bed. But soon things were arranged, everybody had their place, and though we had some growling at a couple of points, now we seem to be following each other all over the place. While I was sitting outside of the front window, both of the "girls" had to get up on the back of the leather sofa to look out the open window (screened) so they could see exactly what it was I was up to and keep an eye on me. Sierra did NOT complain about Sophie joining her there, at her special lookout.

Now it seems that the dogs are inseparable and you can see in the picture that they were both having a good time chewing on bits of bone. Miss Sierra doesn't seem to be growling anymore. I think that in spite of herself and her major objections to this interloper, she is finding she kind of likes having a sidekick to run out in the big back yard with.

So you see -- so far so good! Please notice Miss Sophie's lovely new collar -- well, I guess you can't really see it but it really looks sharp on her. Thanks so much and we'll keep you posted.

With great appreciation,

Mary Hollinger & Brian Schremp



A VERY Photogenic Pup!!

Some photos for you of Buffett!

He is an amazing gift and so full of personality!


Rod and Danelle Chase-Anderson


An Update On Rocky Lee Lyons!

This is Rocky after a day at the groomer's! He is such a good "little man". We've been to the vet and all tests and shots are up to date. I couldn't ask for a more devoted dog. He is by my side at all times. As you know, he loves to ride in the car. I find him to be calm and eager  to please. At night, he starts out in my bed, but, moves to the floor!

Jane Lyons


Play It Again Mozart!

Here is one of our rescue dogs "Mozart" in his new home. Mozart is very happy and is even helping his new owner with his piano lessons!!


The Trail Maker!

Lucky (formerly "Topper") is enjoying his new home. He especially loves leaving trails of toys and food everywhere he goes!! Click on the image to see more of him in his new home!!


I Have A New Sister!

Molly (formerly known as "Puppy3") with her new sister Morgan. They spend the most of their day playing and training


Keeping It Warm For Daddy!

Abby (formerly "Puppy4") is loving her new home and enjoys relaxing in her new daddy's lazy chair!


Everyone Knows I'm A Princess!

Bridie (formerly "Puppy1") showing off her "bed-head" hair-do. Her new family confesses that they like to spoil her a bit.

A Perfect Pair!

I thought you would like to have a photo of Lady and Sebastian (aka. Nelson). This was taken December 21, 2004. Both dogs are from your adoption agency. Lady and Sebastian are doing extremely well, they play 24/7. Both dogs are healthy and happy and we love them dearly. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this agency. Without your help, I would not have the opportunity to have such wonderful companions.

Thank you,

Jo Ann McClain


A Terrific Trio!

In August of 2002 we came to Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue and adopted Buster (Black & Tan). He bonded immediately with our other Cocker Oscar (Buff). In April 2005 I was checking out the website (as I do periodically) and came across and Black & White Cocker that was love at first sight.. Brought our other 2 to make sure everyone was agreeable with the decision and home we went with Dakota. As you can see again everyone has bonded very well, the couch photo was only a few weeks after Dakota came to live with us. We are so thankful that Carol and everyone else involved care enough to take these precious animals in until they can find a good home and be someone's Best Friend.

Gratefully Yours,

Phil & Harriet Joeckel


I Love My Reflection!

Bandit is doing good. He is still learning that when we go outside that means it's time to do our business, but he's getting better. He loves sleeping on the bed and looking at himself in the mirror (my house has mirrors on one wall). Here are a couple pictures from his first day.



We Love Treats!

Truffles (formerly known as "Cinnamon") is the one with the bandanna. Here are the two of them playing with Sean. I wasn't aware that these two were so very aware of the inner workings of a kitchen, so I think that we can say they are microwave and refrigerator literate. We have a good first full day only one piddle accident ownership of the puddle has not been determined. They seem to be happy, especially when the carob treat come out.
Click on the image for more pictures!!

Cocker kisses from,

Truffles, Taffee, and Remy


True Love!

Baxter (formerly known as Bailey). He has only been with us for a week now but we love him already. He is so affectionate. He could care less about toys and bones if he can cuddle with his new family. He was not very excited about the toys we bought him, but we discovered he likes stuffed animals. We are very grateful to have him and we appreciate the care you gave him until we could adopt him into our home.

Mandy and Alfie


I Mend Broken Hearts!

Here is one of our rescue puppies "Puppy 5" now known as Tanner in his new home. Click on the image to see another picture of Tanner with his sister Matti, and a letter from their Mom!

Kathy, Don, Ty, Bailey, Matti and Tanner Smith


A Happy Ending!

Greetings from the expanded Bendell household. Charlie has moved in lock, stock and barrel. He gets along with the cats and finds that sleeping with mom and dad is good. (On the bed) The big cat sleeps with us too. He has found a home and a family that loves him dearly. He's well behaved, good with visitors and loves to play. (Chasing salamanders is his mission in life. He likes to give hugs and kisses. Thanks for our new family member.

Rev. Fred, Bonnie and Charlie


Pampered Pups!

Dear Carol,

The babies are doing very well together!

They sometimes have heated discussions over bones, or who gets to be next to Mom and Dad -- but for the most part, things are going VERY well. Sophie seems very well at home and she is starting to get her curly hair back, and she seems quite happy.

She was pretty scrawny when she came to us after her time in the pound, but now she's got a happy little fully belly and NEVER hears a cross word for anything, even accidental pees or poops in house. She is very very happy indeed and we're very happy with her.

I hope you enjoy the photos. In the first one they are both looking intently at Papa's pizza!! In another photo, Sophie had to have a scarf on to go shopping with Mom (ha). The 4th photo here is the first one I got of her. She looks a little dazed. Thanks so much again.

Your happy adoptive parents,

Mary and Brian from Tampa



Well worth the trip!

Here are a few pictures of our beloved Charlie (a.k.a "Champ").  We came all the way from the Fort Walton Beach area in NW Florida for Charlie, and it was worth every mile.

Charlie got to see his first snow in Tennessee a couple of years ago, even though he had to put on that ugly sweater before his "mother" would let him go out and play. 

It took us about three months after we got Charlie to notice that the great staff at the Florida Cocker Rescue made a note on his paperwork that he used to have a teddy bear he loved.  We got him a small one, and they have cuddled for long periods every day since.

Little things like that are an example of how people at the rescue go out of their way to make sure their cockers have the best life possible. 


Monty Wilson






A Wonderful Addition!!


Hi Carol,

I thought you might like a progress report and a couple of pics of KoKo.  This is the Keith version of Cocoa and also the name of a famous clown, and boy has she blossomed into a clown. She is no longer so very quiet and loves to run in the back year, sit in our laps, etc.  The few times she has started to do something wrong, no in a serious voice is all she needs to stop.

Somewhere along the line she has been well trained.  She is completely house broken, knows many voice commands, walks beautifully on the leash and is a co-pilot par excellence in the car.

Her new Dad is completely smitten with her. and she thinks he's pretty special, too.  She goes in and checks on him frequently during the day.  She also loves the back yard and doggie door in the kitchen.  She watched Angus use it once, and the next time I went out with the kids through the sliders in the family room, she wouldn't come, but within moments appeared on the patio with us looking proud as punch. 

She was great on the trip home.  As you recall, I was concerned with how she and my female Bichon would get along, and I expected that would take a real adjustment period.  The girls are doing fine, but Angus who loves all dogs has been very jealous.  They had a couple of squimishes Sunday night, but were o.k. yesterday except when Angus tried to play with her and she growled at him.  They all are adapting though, and believe me KoKo has made herself right at home.  She has joined the other two in bed with me at night, and today she and Mandy were curled up together on the bed.  I really couldn't believe that as Mandy is pretty inclined to be the ONLY one on the bed during the day.

We had to go to the Urology Outpatient for Barry to have a procedure today and were gone for 3 hours,  We did decide to put her in the guest room while we were gone, so she and Angus wouldn't go at it while we were gone.  By his next visit to the doctor, I am sure they will be fine on their own.

Rest assured she is a very happy, fun loving little girl who follows you everywhere and loves to be petted, held and played with. As I write here Mandy and KoKo are curled up beside me, and Angus is under the desk.

Thank you for helping me pick her out and for caring enough to take these homeless, ill and abused cockers in and finding them good homes.


Ginny Keith


Road Trip Warriers!

Some new photos of Murphy (a.k.a. Opie) and Bart!

We were on a road trip yesterday and these two guys had the time of their lives!  The new Florida restaurant pet law is a great one and R-Beach at Hernando Beach participates with picnic tables outside where the boys had their very own order of French fries. 

The beer was ours!  :-) 


Hope you enjoy the photos!!




Vicki Gojmerac


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