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Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue - Foster Application

Thank you for wanting to help us in our mission of rescuing and re-homing cocker spaniels in Florida. Please understand that all cocker spaniels are different and require different settings to be fostered or adopted. We will do our best to match an appropriate foster with your living situation. Many of the cocker spaniels we need foster homes for have special needs that may require a significant time commitment and patience on your part. 

We have two basic kinds of foster programs. Forever Foster homes where you would take an elderly or special needs foster into your home and would provide care for the rest of the animal’s life with FCSR providing basic vet care during that time. The other is to provide care to a younger more adoptable dog which would move more quickly through your home. Most of the foster homes for younger more adoptable dogs would need to be within easy traveling distance of the Tampa area. This is where the majority of our adoptions occur. Exceptions to this would be evaluated on a case by case basis.

You may Download a PDF version of this Foster Application.  The completed application may be scanned and sent by email to  If you require a physical address to mail this application to, please email us for the address.  Once your foster application is reviewed and all requested information received and verified then a home visit will be scheduled. You must have all members of your household as well as pets available at this visit.  When we have reviewed your application if we have any questions or clarifications we will email you for the information. Please ensure your email address and phone numbers are correct on your application. We ask that you fill out this questionnaire as completely as possible. Any questions left unanswered will delay the application process. Please be patient, since we are all volunteers and work other full time jobs. It could take up to 2 weeks to process your application.

If you are ready to make the commitment to help a cocker spaniel in need, please fill out the application and hit the submit button at the bottom.

Contact Information
Emergency Contact Information
Provide name, address, phone numbers, email address and other relevant information.
Other Information
Name and phone number of all veterinarian(s) who can establish a track record of care for your animals. Please ensure that your vet is aware that we will be calling for a reference and that they are permitted to provide us with all requested information.
Provide the name of the Heartworm Preventative you use or have previously used and where this was purchased from:
Provide the type of flea control you use or have previously used?
Please provide names and contact information for all animal rescue organizations you have volunteered for.
Select the type of residence that you live in.
If you rent or lease, you must have written permission from your landlord. List landlord's name and contact information.
List the names, ages and genders of all individuals living in your home or who visit your home on a regular basis.
List all other animals that are living at your home. Include details such as species, breed, age, inside/outside, spayed/neutered, how long owned.
List all other animals which visit your home on a regular basis. Family member’s pets, dog sitting etc.
Indicate whether you have a secure enclosed fenced yard. Describe the fencing (what part of yard, height, type, etc.)
Have you owned a Cocker Spaniel before?
Describe all pets that you have previously owned.
Have you ever sold or given up a dog for any reason? Please explain if you have.
Have your current and past pets been spayed or neutered?
Where will the dog sleep (please clarify if housebroken and if not housebroken)? Loose in house? Crated? Bedroom? In your bed?
Where will the foster dog spend the day while you are away (please clarify if housebroken and if not housebroken)? Loose? Crated? Room Confined? Yard?
Will this dog will be left alone (without human companionship) for how many hours a day?
Does anyone in the home have allergies?
Would you accept a dog that is older?
Would you accept a dog that has been abused?
Would you accept a dog that is NOT reliable with children?
Would you accept a dog that has a health problem (mild or major)?
Knowing that some rescue dogs have had little or no training, are you willing to take the dog to obedience classes?
Will the dog be allowed on furniture?
Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue cannot make any promises or guarantees that a foster dog will be housebroken. Are you willing to housebreak a dog, if necessary?:
What primary method of housebreaking have you used in the past? Describe your experience.
Please tell us about yourself, and why you would like to foster.

Foster Agreement

In consideration of this opportunity to foster, I agree to the following terms and conditions, intending to be legally bound by them:

I will use a Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue approved vet unless it is not possible due to distance. In that case I will provide Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of my local veterinarian and emergency vet and obtain permission prior to using them. I will contact Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue prior to any veterinary visit.

Every Cocker coming in to foster care with Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue will be vetted.

This will include:
* Spay/neuter when necessary
* All applicable vaccinations
* Heartworm test
* Microchip

PLEASE NOTE: If there is an emergency or unforeseen veterinary care is necessary, Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue should be notified immediately for approval. Please contact Carol Cansler at 813-245-1833.

All foster dogs are to be kept indoors only with adequate food, water and attention.

Do you agree to make a commitment to care for the dog until a permanent home is approved by Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue or another approved foster home becomes available?

While fostering for Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue you may not foster for another rescue without prior permission. This is due to the possibility of disease which could be transmitted from contact with another rescue's foster or the possibility of a physical altercation between FCSR’s foster dog and the foster dog from another rescue. Both situations would present issues with who is responsible for vetting expenses of the affected foster dog. If we feel your decision to foster with another organization may put FCSR’s foster at risk our foster will be removed from your home.

I will abide by the mission, rules, regulations, policies and programs of the Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue, while I am a foster. I understand that my foster is property of Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

I assume the risks of being bitten, scratched, injured or frightened by Florida
Cocker Spaniel Rescue animals in connection with my foster work. The  Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue organization, officers and volunteers are not liable to me for any injuries, damages, liabilities, losses, judgments, costs or expenses which I might suffer or sustain in connection to the performance of my foster activities for Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue unless they are the result of Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue's gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

I assume the risks of any damage or harm that may be caused to others or their possessions by my foster while in my care.

I will indemnify, defend and hold Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue harmless from and against any claims, lawsuits, injuries, damages, losses, costs or expenses sustained by any companion animal or any person in connection with my intentional misconduct or grossly negligent performance of foster activities for Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue, or my breach of Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue rules, regulations, policies and programs.

If at any time while you are fostering for Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue you decide you would like to adopt your foster please notify us immediately. If you do not do so and an adoption application is received for your foster then the approved applicant will have priority for adoption. If you adopt your foster you will be responsible for completing an adoption contract and paying the required adoption fee.

If I suspend foster activities, or upon Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue request at any time, I will promptly return the foster dog(s) and all Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue supplies, equipment, records, monies and other items in good, clean condition.

I will not have a person outside Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue organization
temporarily care for Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue's animals (i.e. a visitor, pet sitter, neighbor, relative) unless the person first signs a Hold Harmless Agreement to hold Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue, its officers and volunteers harmless in the event of injury or mishap.

Any modification to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. This Agreement is binding upon Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue representatives, me and my respective heirs, successors, assigns, executors and personal representatives.

I agree to INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue for any costs or liabilities which they may incur as a result of my fostering for Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

I agree that I am responsible for any and all legal expenses if this contract is broken and legal action results. The venue for any legal action will be Pasco County.

I acknowledge and agree that I have carefully read this Agreement, that I fully understand the same, and that I freely and voluntarily execute the same. I understand that I may seek independent advice prior to signing this Agreement. I understand that this Agreement is binding on me, my spouse, my executors, administrators, personal representatives and assigns and that this Agreement has important legal consequences. The terms of this Agreement are contractual and not mere recitals. This Agreement will be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Florida.

I will abide by all the terms stated above and not dispute or take issue with them in any way.

This signifies that you will abide by all the terms stated above and not dispute or take issue with them in any way.

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