Lady DOB 2008 buff cocker girl. Lady's parents could no longer afford to take careof her ears, therefore they turned her over to FCSR. Her ears are extremely bad andafter a couple months of medicine she will need to have ear ablation surgery in bothears. Once that is complete Lady will be deaf, but no […]

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Daniel ~ DOB 4/22/2009 chocolate cocker boy with silver tips. His family lost theirhome and he went to live with a really nice man, but then the man got sick andcouldn't take care of him anymore, so he ended up in the shelter. He is very mellowand easy going. He has wonderfully soft silver tipped […]

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Lucie DOB 2012 buff cocker girl. She is very friendly and loves attention. Loves torun, chase squirrels, and hunt. Lucie was surrendered because she kept running away.She goes over a chain link fence and digs out of a solid wooden fence. Lucie needs ahome that has a very securely fenced yard with someone to give […]

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