Baxter and Barney


These handsome boys are Baxter and Barney. (DOB July 2009). Baxter is white with black spots (the one with the red bandana) and Barney is black and white merle. Baxter lost his right eye when he was very young. Baxter and Barney’s mom brought them from the UK, but works very long hours, does not know anyone that can help and cannot afford to pay for dog walkers. She cared for them very well and loved them very much, but understood that the best thing for them was to be surrendered to us in order to find them the perfect home. They boys are understandably very bonded, so they are only available as a pair. They are very people friendly and dog friendly, too! If you are interested in adopting Baxter and Barney, please complete your application at For more details, call 813-245-1833 or contact