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This is Sam (DOB May 2018). He came from a very bad breeder that has now been shut down. He was caged and not handled by humans the first year of his life. A kind lady that cared enough to help him bought him, just to save him from his misery. She quickly realized, however, that he needed more help than she could provide. She asked FCSR to take him.

When he first arrived, he was so terrified of the world! Thankfully, with much patience and love, he has come a long way. Sam is a sweet boy. He loves to play with other dogs; he will run like the wind, roll and tumble with them. The PetSmart groomers said he was a very good boy
to groom. When at PetSmart, he meets and greets people who then fall in love him. He easy to hold and love.

However, because of his tough first year, he still has some residual issues. He will run every which way to avoid being caught. Once caught, he is a good boy. He comes readily to get a bite of chicken from the hand if offered. He also does not walk well on a leash. He walks a little when other dogs are walked with him but will otherwise not walk. We are working on getting him more comfortable with a leash.

We are looking for an owner that has dog experience and is willing to work with him to help him overcome his past. He needs a fenced yard due to his unwillingness to walk while leashed.

If you are interested in Sam, please fill out an adoption application at