Sponsor A Dog

Many people are not in a position to adopt or foster an animal, but would still like to help. A great way to do this is to sponsor a dog with Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue!

The average cost to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for a rescued dog is more than our adoption fees cover. Each dog we take in is examined by a vet, vaccinated, treated for parasites, given preventatives, and spayed/neutered. We also treat any other known health issues, which include heartworm treatment, mange treatment, intestinal parasite treatment, teeth extractions, and much more.

Our dog-specific Sponsorship Saints Program allows you to contribute monthly to various aspects of our dogs’ care while they wait to be adopted, including vaccines, food, heartworm prevention and flea/tick protection. All the dogs that are available for adoption are currently in need of a long or short term sponsor.

We also have a General Medical Fund which helps to cover veterinary care, medication, prescription food, dental and diagnostic blood work. To sponsor a dog or to contribute monthly to our General Medical Fund, please email fcsrsponsor@yahoo.com for more details. Thank you for your generosity!

If you have questions about Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue, please Contact Us.