Hi CarolWanted to touch base about how things are going with Emma (Peppa). We’ve been doing several things to socialize her. We’ve taken her to training so that we can be trained to train her : – ) She is quick to pick things up. After finally getting cleared by the vet, she was able to go to Day Care and we were told she ran a lot! She also passed grooming with flying colors. Last night she fell asleep on my chest as we were watching tv.

I would guess it isn’t always easy for you and your helpers as many pups come to you with challenges. I’m sure there is a fair share of heartbreak. I would also guess there is often fear as you let them go as the want is to have each one to go to a better than good home.

I also wanted to share that many years ago, when we adopted Max and Maggie, I wrote a note for your website. After we lost both of them last year, I searched and found it. It meant so much to read it and to realize that their personalities stayed true to form through all those years. It was difficult to loose them. Thank you for allowing us to adopt them.

Thank you for bringing our new love, Emma, into our lives.

Dennis & Mary